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Available Foreign Slot Cards

Last Updated on   07/06/2018


Note that Canadian cards are intermixed with the USA cards elsewhere


Click on any group of cards pictured below to view larger images

(Latest additions will be added at the end along with various paper & specialty items)

Foreign Group-1

Foreign Group-2

Foreign Group-3

Foreign Group-4

Foreign Group-5

Foreign Group-6

Foreign Group-7

Foreign Group-8

Foreign Group-9

Foreign Group-10

3rd and 4th cards are paper

Foreign Group-11

Foreign Group-12

Foreign Group-13

Foreign Group-14

Foreign Group-15

Foreign Group-16

Foreign Group-17

Foreign Group-18

Foreign Group-19

Foreign Group-20

Foreign Group-21

Foreign Group-22

Foreign Group-23

Foreign Group-24

Foreign Group-25

Foreign Group-26

Foreign Group-27

Foreign Group-28

Foreign Group-29

Foreign Group-30

Foreign Group-31

Foreign Group-32

Foreign Group-33

Foreign Group-34

Foreign Group-35

Foreign Group-36

Foreign Group-37

Foreign Group-38

Foreign Group-39

Foreign Group-40

Foreign Group-41

Foreign Group-42

Foreign Group-43

Foreign Group-44

Foreign Group-45

Foreign Group-46

Foreign Group-47

Foreign Group-48

Foreign Group-49

Foreign Group-50

Foreign Group-51

Foreign Group-52

Foreign Group-53

Foreign Group-54

Foreign Group-55

Foreign Group-56

Foreign Group-57

Foreign Group-58

Foreign Group-59

Alhambra card is bent

Foreign Group-60

Foreign Group-61

Foreign Group-62

Foreign Group-63

Foreign Group-64

Foreign Group-65

Foreign Group-66

Foreign Group-67

Foreign Group-68

Foreign Group-69

Foreign Group-70

Foreign Group-71

Foreign Group-72

Foreign Group-73

Foreign Group-74

Foreign Group-75

Foreign Group-76

added 5/21/17

Foreign Group-77

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-78

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-79

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-80

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-81

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-82

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-83

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-84

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-85

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-86

added 10/3/17

Foreign Group-87

added 11/24/17

Foreign Group-88

added 11/24/17

Foreign Group-89

added 11/24/17

Foreign Group-90

added 11/24/17

Foreign Group-91

added 11/24/17

Foreign Group-92

added 6/14/18

Foreign Group-93

Lucayan Beach is a paper card - added 6/14/18

Foreign Group-94

Have paper folder for Okada card - added 6/14/18

Foreign Group-95

added 6/14/18

Foreign Group-96

added 6/14/18

Casino Sofia (Bulgaria)

Laminated Paper Card - added 11/7/16

Viva Casino at Sheraton Sofia (Bulgaria)

Laminated Paper Card

Casino de Monte Carlo

Paper entry pass from 1925

Casino Municipale San Remo (Italy)

Paper entry pass from 1935 (blank reverse)

Casino Municipale San Remo (Italy)

Early paper entry pass (date is too faint to read)

Misc Paper Entry Cards - Group 1

added 5/21/17

Misc Paper Entry Cards - Group 2

added 5/21/17

Misc Paper Entry Cards - Group 3

added 5/21/17

Misc Paper Entry Cards - Group 4

added 5/21/17